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The 2nd Annual (2016) DEI results are now available. Interested in learning more? You can now view the top-scoring companies deemed "2016 DEI Best Places to Work," download the free mini summary report at the bottom of this screen, and/or purchase the 2016 DEI Annual Report.

A few quick facts from the 2016 DEI:

  • Number of Companies that Participated: 83 Fortune 1000-size companies
  • Number of Industries Represented: 23 (one is an "Other" catch all category)
  • Industries with the Highest Number of Participants:
    • Aerospace & Defense, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Retail, and Telecommunications
  • Overview of DEI Survey Scores (based on a score range of zero to 100):

Companies shared what they like about the DEI survey. Here are a few responses:

  • "What I liked the most was that it keeps us proactive and focused on best practices."
  • "What I like about the DEI is that the survey questions are comprehensive as they relate to all areas of the company."
  • "Helps us think about things differently and in a holistic way."
  • "Some of the questions were truly eye opening and challenged us to make some important changes."
  • "Questions are thought provoking and cause you to examine/review policies and practices."
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For more general information about the DEI, view the DEI FAQs.

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