DEI Results

The 3rd Annual (2017) DEI results are now available. Interested in learning more? You can now view the top-scoring companies deemed "2017 DEI Best Places to Work,"  and download the 2017 DEI Annual Report below.

A few quick facts from the 2017 DEI:

  • Of the 110 companies scored in 2017, a record 68 employers earned 100 ratings – the highest score possible. This is a substantial increase from 2015 when 19 companies (out of 80) received 100 ratings and in 2016 when 42 companies (of 83 participating) earned the top mark possible. Additionally, the 2017 DEI saw an increase in the median score, with the average rating achieving a resounding 90, an increase of 10 points from 2015. 
  • The companies represented today in the 2017 DEI represent widely diverse business sectors, are significantly varying sizes, and have workforces across the world. These Fortune 1000-scope companies are from 21 different sectors of the economy, and 69 of the reporting companies are ranked in the 2017 Fortune 500.
  • Remarkably, the corporations taking part in the 2017 DEI have a total U.S. workforce of roughly 7.2 million workers – or ~5% of all of American workers. In addition to the large number of employees, the publicly held corporations in the 2017 DEI today total ~$6 trillion in market value—showing their significant influence on the American and global economies.
  • The industries with the most corporations participating in the 2017 DEI are: Financial Services (15% of reporting companies); Technology (10% of reporting companies); and Healthcare and Insurance (both accounting for 9%, or a total of 18%, of companies reporting).

View the 2017 DEI Best Places to Work (score of 80 or above) 


Download the 2017 DEI Report


For more general information about the DEI, view the DEI FAQs.

IMPORTANT. Please Note: The DEI Annual Report is proprietary to AAPD and the USBLN. We encourage individuals, companies, organizations and media to use this report to their advantage and to continue improving disability inclusion policies and practices. Please accredit AAPD and USBLN when using this resource.

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